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Virginia Tobacco Flavour UK E Liquid

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Similar to Golden Virginia, the most popular hand rolling tobacco, this e juice blend is a popular flavour for those switching from "old school roll-ups" to the clean world of vaping.

✅ Huge 15% Flavouring in our UK eliquid - Very Tasty !!

✅ Choose between 50PG/50VG or 30PG/70VG Blend

✅ Only 3 ingredients plus nicotine if required

✅ FREE UK Delivery on Orders of £10 & over

✅ Our eLiquid is fully TPD compliant

Choose your preferred Nicotine Strength from the drop down list above - here's a guide to help you:

0.0% - 0mg Zero Nicotine - Just for the Vape !!
0.3% - 3mg For dripping or very light smokers
0.6% - 6mg Smokers of 10 light strength cigarettes a day
1.2% - 12mg Smokers of 10 standard strength cigarettes a day
1.8% - 18mg Smokers of 15-20 cigarettes a day

Pack contents:

Fully CHIP compliant, child-proof cap, plastic bottles with mandatory safety warnings and tactile labels.

Your chosen flavour, capacity and strength e liquid

Additional Infomation

This e liquid is made in the UK using food grade ingredients/flavouring and the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine (if selected) - sourced only from the UK and EU. All ingredients conform to UK and EU safety standards.

This e liquid only contains 3 ingredients plus nicotine (if selected): Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and High Quality Flavourings

For further information on safety, using and choosing e liquid visit our ELIQUID Information and Guidance page

Reviews (11)

jill | 11 reviews

I have been vaping for 6 years on and off and had some really dreadful tobacco flavoured eliquid more like antifreeze than anything else. Found this site a few weeks ago and have to admit the Virginia tobacco is one of the best I have ever tried. The price is good and the offers are fantastic. In my local vaping shop I paid £6 for tobacco flavour which was dreadful needless to say I will stick to this brand. The staff have been really helpful well done
Niall | 11 reviews

Like this one - very smooth.
Simmonds | 11 reviews

excellent substitute for genuine, flavorsome, roll up taste
Pri | 11 reviews

It is a fine tobacco. I been ordering the golden verginia flavour for the last 4 months. The prices seems to be ok but if it is reduced then it is much better.
David Cooke | 11 reviews

Excellent quality and service.
A Spence | 11 reviews

I enjoy the Virginia tobacco flavour at 12mg nicotine
David Cooke | 11 reviews

Excellent service top class product. Always very fast delivery.
Robert McCulloch | 11 reviews

This is an excellent product. I`ve used many different sites and tried many other brands but the VAPEMATE juices at now-vaping are, in my opinion, the best I`ve ever tasted. If you add to this that now-vaping juices are set at a price that is very easy on the pocket, then it`s win/win all the way!!
D.chapman | 11 reviews

Really enjoyed this taste definitely buying this again
Keith west | 11 reviews

Didn't like this one. Nothing like Virginia tobacco. NOTE FROM EDITOR: Sorry to hear about this - it's one of our most popular flavours - I suppose peoples tastes do vary
Tony | 11 reviews

I found the product to be a little better than my usual one but significantly cheaper at the time I bought it - so much so that I have purchased a lot more since! I bought the virginia tobacco flavour and was pleasantly surprised by its quality for the money.
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